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Create Gmail Style List in Android

I’m sure all of you would have noticed the list style in the Gmail app for Android. The placeholder for a person’s photo is...

Add a Toolbar Elevation on pre Lollipop

Being a Material Design lover, I get put off by that default flat Toolbar with no shadow or elevation. It’s alright on Lollipop devices...

Create a Material Color Palette in NO time

If you’re familiar with the new theme setup in Android since AppCompat v21, you’ll need to define 3 colors from the start. That being your colorPrimary,...

DIY Floating Action Button Part 1

If you’ve gone through my Implement a Floating Action Button post, it shows you how to setup a neat FAB by using a library with...

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Why app design is important

As developers, we code our apps stuffing them with every possible feature we thought of it to have. It originated with one great idea,...

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