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DayNight Theme Android Tutorial with Example

The DayNight Theme was added to AppCompat with the realease of Support Library v23.2.0. We can reference the theme using Theme.AppCompat.DayNight. DayNight theme allows to switch...

Add a Toolbar Elevation on pre Lollipop

Being a Material Design lover, I get put off by that default flat Toolbar with no shadow or elevation. It’s alright on Lollipop devices...

Create a Material Color Palette in NO time

If you’re familiar with the new theme setup in Android since AppCompat v21, you’ll need to define 3 colors from the start. That being your colorPrimary,...

DIY Floating Action Button Part 1

If you’ve gone through my Implement a Floating Action Button post, it shows you how to setup a neat FAB by using a library with...

AppCompat v22.1 Support Library

A lot of things have changed (for the better) with the support library. In AppCompat v22.1 various updates have been made to a lot...

Why ActionBarActivity is deprecated?

The Solution If you’ve updated to the new Support Libraries (AppCompat 22.1.1), then you’ve probably noticed by now that extending ActionBarActivity for your Activity classes...

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Implement Floating Action Button – Part 2

I’d recommend going through Part 1 of the implementation first. It covers how you can quickly setup a Floating Action Button. Though if you feel you’ve...

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